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Willand Pre-School

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Our History

Pre-School History

Once upon a time long ago….in 1965, Willand playgroup was born.  Initially it was held in the village hall and ran for only 2 sessions a week. 

Popularity and legislation saw it moved into the village hall annexe, which made it autonomous within the village hall complex.

The 2 morning sessions, soon became daily sessions and quickly expanded to become morning and afternoon sessions.  In 1978 Mrs Christine Osmond became playgroup leader and remained so for 26 years!!! 

In 1996 the waiting list had grown so much that the only solution was to have our own premises.  It was an ambitious project at the time, but parents, staff and committee members worked hard, fundraising and erecting the building.  We opened our new building in September 1997, and introduced full day care in 2005.  We remained in this building until 2006.

In 2005 a structural survey revealed that the premises was in need of substantial repair and so plans to replace the building were conceived.  In July 31st 2006, the old building was demolished and we temporarily relocated to the local primary school for the duration of a term.  We moved into a lovely new building on January 8th 2007.

We are in an ideal location, sited next to the primary school, with whom we are proud to say, we have an excellent relationship.